June 7, 2017

Charismatic Canadian Men We Can’t Get Enough Of

Meghana Rabindranath

We salute you, Great White North for producing these people

On the 9th of November a hundred thousand Americans searched this pressing question – ‘how to move to Canada’. We feel you, but we can assure you there are more reasons Canada is appealing (that don’t include Trump’s regime). So, if migrating up north forever probably isn't your idea, we’re lucky enough to have some Canadian charm brought to us straight from the silver screen.

Moreover, Canada has managed to provide the world with the most talented and good-looking individuals. If you’ve missed them in films, we’re sure you got a glimpse of a few of them on Twitter (you know we’re talking about you Trudeau). Yep, our northern neighbours are responsible for some of North America’s greatest cultural treasures.

Because honestly when you're a country that has produced all the good things in life like peanut butter, Drake and the Wonderbra, you know it’s one of the coolest places to be. While we're well aware of the steady influx of handsome men named Ryan and other talented people. Get a load of these maple leaf men, who are all talent and charm with a side of syrup. 


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