June 9, 2017

20 Young Hollywood Millennials & What They’re Currently Wearing

Naaila Khan

Okay, you can’t deny you’re curious to know. I mean, whether or not you actually get around to actually (saving up and) buying those decadent Gucci Princetown Leather Slippers, it’s always nice to know what the gorgeous, rich kids across the world are wearing these days!

Well, if you’re asking, let’s just say their closets are lit at the moment. From Kendall Jenner to Emily Ratajkowski, the styles range from cool girl to woke girl, the fabrics go from metallics to furs and lots of leather then suddenly a plain tee (with protest slogans), and the designs cover every trend from this season’s runway. I bet you those Gucci loafers you’re about to find your style soul sister in the next 5 minutes. If you don’t, at least #ootdinspo to the max for shiz.


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