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June 22, 2017

10 Gorgeous Times Burgundy Proved It’s Already The Colour Of 2017

Naaila Khan

From Yeezy Season 5 to #BootBae, this stunner is everywhere!

Perhaps you've heard of a little thing called oxblood (and no, no animals were harmed in the making of this trend). You may be a little confused by the name, but we'll break it down for you — call it maroon, bordeaux, cordovan, marsala – call it whatever you want – but the dark, sultry shade has been taking the streets (and the racks!) by storm, and we are so on board.

We've always been big fans of burgundy (that's the name we're going with) – always wine o’ clock, right? – so it's only natural that the hue should make the jump to our wardrobes. However, this season brings burgundy not only to your wardrobe, but to the runway, in music, and splashed across your newsfeed by way of trending internet humour. So, we went ahead and picked the best moments from all the limelight burgundy is enjoying. (Note: This slideshow is best enjoyed with the aforementioned glass of wine.)


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