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May 17, 2017

Cool Ways To Make The Most Of That Beauty Sleep

Meghana Rabindranath

You woke up like this and we don’t doubt it

More often than not, I’ve found myself waking up to radiant skin, relatively suave hair all with the beatific look of actually being well rested. And then I really wake up from that glorious dream to find, well, me.  In all my frizzy glory, I begin my beauty routine. Hair, face, clothes – the works.

Let's face it; your morning skin-hair routine can (and often does) turn into a race against the clock. Also, why can you never find anything to wear? So why not let your products do the heavy lifting for you while you sleep—instead of rushing through a complicated process in the morning? As if Monday’s weren’t taxing enough already.

My dire need to cut down on my beatification time lead me to find some dynamic products and approaches, that actually provide you with a good night’s rest, which let's face it, is half the battle won. A well-rested face automatically results in a glowing skin and high levels of energy but if you really want to milk that sleep for all its got, we’ve got some crazy good beauty sleep hacks lined up.  


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